College and the adjacent Church of Mary, the Sacred Relic synthon XVII century, paintings of 700

The College of Mary was founded April 20, 1738 by Prince Ferdinand Tomasi, fourth Duke of Palma. Placed in seclusion for orphans in his time made by the first Duke of Palma, and dear Giulio Tomasi, the Holy Mary, moved there three sisters native of Palma.

The penitentiary was made up of four chambers. The church was dedicated to the Virgin under the title of Lampedusa. Spiritual direction was entrusted to the priest Francesco Emanuele Cangiamila.
In place of the first Mother Superior, Sister Magdalene Brancato and Burgio, who decided to leave the habit and married in December of 1739, was Sister Maria Josepha Cozzo.

In 1752 the 62 ounces bestowed by the prince, were joined by 36 other bestowed annually by the University.

Thanks to the ability of the new superior, the college multiplied the number of convittrici which often brought rich gifts. Were acquired and renovated buildings adjacent to the institute. It was built a garden with trees and started building a new church.

The first sisters were inspired by the Benedictine rule and observed the constitutions of the College of Mary of Palermo, until they were published by Msgr. Gioeni those of Cardinal Corradini.

In 1757 the ordinary confessor was Father Elijah Lauricella, who also assumed the leadership of the institute along with three other priests. As he kept a portrait painted by Domenico Provenzano commissioned by the nuns.

The College of Mary has always been considered an institution of public education secular in nature, was never a pious work, for this was not subjected to the supervision of the General Council of the Hospices, nor ever made to their accounts if internal deputation.

Always recognized as an institution of public education, implemented the law August 3, 1862, the Board continued to stand independently and not suffer the law to the abolition of guilds.

Maintained at the expense of the Municipality of the five classes of primary school women have always been working.

In 1870 the College was recognized as charitable work, however, and was subjected to the protection of the Provincial Deputation which began to take into consideration the budgets, revenues and results.

By decree of 12 December 1889 I was appointed Commissioner Cav. uff. Enoch Louis Farruggia.

By decree of December 12, 1899 passed under the Ministry of Interior.

On 24 November 1981 was approved the Statutes of the College of organic Opera Pia Maria.


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