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Founded by Giulio and Carlo Tomasi, Princes of Lampedusa, in the middle of the seventeenth century, with the significant contribution of the famous architect and astronomer Giovanni Battista Hodierna, Palma di Montechiaro was a sort of holy city, in the wake of Jerusalem, also visited during the grand tour by foreign travelers who left evidence of their different steps, such as the English Henry Swinburne in 1783 and the German Johann Heinrich Bartels (1791). Better known as the city of the "Leopard", it is just about twenty kilometres from the archaeological site of Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples faraway. It is known for the extraordinary beauty of the area and coastline where beaches of fine sand and clay gullies are alternated, that give to the landscape a wild look.

These lands, dominated by the Mediterranean patch where are still cultivated almond trees, vineyards and olive trees are also an important natural site that allow, walking in nature, to see many migratory birds.
The Palma's land stands for respect for tradition, the ancient recipes and for the careful selection of raw materials. Boast of many products in particular "biscotti ricci" cookies with almond paste made by the nuns of the Benedictine Monastery and the typical "pani cunzatu" bread seasoned with foods of the typical poor cuisine: "pani e tumazzu" cheese, "pani e aulivi" bread with olives, "pani cu i ficu" figs, "u cuddruruni a vampa" pan pizza topped with anchovies in brine and much more.

From "Casa Malerba" it can easily reach many places of archaeological, historical, cultural, natural interest and access to various forms of entertainment and leisure.

At Palma di Montechiaro it is possible to make a cultural path, with the Mother Church, the Monastery, Calvary, the Palace of Piarists and so much more .... and lost in the streets of taste meeting lively and old taverns with traditional food. Nature lovers can visit nature reserves, walking through the countryside and discover unspoilt beaches.

Also the fun will never be missed: in the radius of 10 km, from Licata to Marina di Palma and then by continuing to San Leone Agrigento, are locals and kiosks on the beach where you can enjoy an ice cream or go wild with the music under the stars.


Meteo Agrigento

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The province of Agrigento land of great writers and poets

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The ability to request a tour guide at the time of booking or subsequently.

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