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The manor of Lichtenberg, together with the Castle built by Chiaramonte, belonged to the family De Caro, whose coat of arms taken from the name of Palma, in the fifteenth century later passed by marriage…
The construction of the St. Charles Tower, just beyond the mouth of the river Palma, dating to 1639 by Carlo Tomasi, first Duke of Palma, who obtained permission from Philip IV of Spain and had…
  Castle Racalmuto Racalmuto Castle was built during the Norman period and exactly in the barony of Malcovenant Robert, a Frenchman in the wake of King Roger of Altavilla. Then Frederick of Aragon transferred ownership…
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Meteo Agrigento

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The province of Agrigento land of great writers and poets

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Guide on request

The ability to request a tour guide at the time of booking or subsequently.

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